Changi Airport

Changi Airport2

With more than 480 accolades under its belt, Changi Airport has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1981, when Terminal 1 first opened. Currently managed by Changi Airport Group, Changi Airport was corporatised on 1 July 2009.

For the past 34 years, Changi Airport Group, previously as part of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, has established Changi Airport as the world’s most awarded “Best Airport”. In a short span of seven years since Changi’s opening, Terminal 1 received its first recognition as the world’s best airport from Business Traveller (UK) in 1988. Two years later, Terminal 2 was unveiled to cope with Terminal 1’s overwhelming success. More recently, the state-of-the art Terminal 3 opened in 2008. The JetQuay Terminal serves businesses and individuals who require a more luxurious level of service.

The sixth busiest international airport today, Changi Airport is a major air hub in Asia, Serving more than 100 international airlines flying to some 300 cities in about 70 countries and territories worldwide, Changi Airport handled more than 53.7 million passengers in 2013 (that’s roughly 10 times the size of Singapore’s population). A flight takes off or lands at Changi roughly once every 90 seconds.

Over the years, Singapore Changi Airport has received a consistent record of awards and accolades. These successes have been due, in no small measure, to the foresight of those guiding the development of civil aviation in Singapore, to the relentless pursuit of a liberal air policy to open up Singapore to the rest of the world and to the emphasis on competitiveness, efficiency and service. Since commencing operations on 1 July 1981, Changi Airport has never failed to receive a deficiency-free rating by the International Federation of Airlines Pilot Association (IFALPA) for its safe and efficient air traffic services. With over 480 awards under its belt, it is now the world’s most awarded airport.

No. of times Changi Airport has won this award – 22 (1991-1999, 2001-2008, 2010-2014)