Curious about the aquatic habitat for biodiversity at the Lake and eager to try your hand at collecting samples to test for pH and dissolved oxygen, amongst others?

Explore, discover and experience science at the Dragonfly Lake while inculcating ethics and attitudes such as responsibility and open-mindedness. Allow your creativity and curiosity to get the better of you in this hands-on scientific investigation of the Lake.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the interaction between organisms as well as their relationship with the environment
  • Craft hypotheses, collect relevant data, observe, analyse and draw inferences from the evidence collected
  • Appreciate how technology can be harnessed to Man’s advantage in scientific investigations
  • Gain awareness of the importance of learning about diversity and how Man seeks to organise it to better understand the world he lives in, and the necessity of maintaining it
  • Understand the importance of conserving our environment and acting responsibly

Suitable for:  Upper Primary – Primary 4, 5 and 6

Duration:  2.5 hours

Venue(s): Dragonfly Lake (outdoor)

Programme Fee:  $250 per group (includes an Activity Booklet for each student)

Group size:  20* (maximum)

*if group size falls below 20 pax, the full programme charge of $250 will be levied



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