Step into a unique botanical universe not found anywhere else in the world!

Enjoy perpetual spring, as you enter the cool-dry Mediterranean climate of the Flower Dome, where you are treated to a spread of some 1,000 species of plants from every continent across the globe, except Antarctica.

Experience the sights and sounds of the tropical montane belt, in the cool-moist climate of the Cloud Forest, with its towering mountain and majestic waterfall, as well as a walk amongst the clouds.

Discover how plants adapt to the environment, their uses to Man, and the threats that they face. Recognise the importance of conservation, as you become aware of the effects of climate change and habitat destruction, happening in real time, on Earth.

Finally, be inspired to make a commitment towards adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, as you learn more about our sustainable strategies at Gardens by the Bay.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the energy sustainability strategies at Gardens by the Bay
  • Recognise the adaptations of different plants featured at the Cooled Conservatories
  • Appreciate the importance of Cloud Forests to humans and animals
  • Develop awareness of the threats and effects of climate change and human activities on plants, animals and the environment
  • Appreciate the need for conservation and living responsibly

Suitable for: Students (aged 9 years and above) and Educators / Staff

Duration: 2.5 hours

Venue(s): Eco-wise (outdoor), Flower Dome and Cloud Forest (indoor)

Programme Fee: $250* per group

Group size: 20** (maximum)

*Excludes admission fees to the Cooled Conservatories

**If the group size falls below 20 pax, the full programme charge of $250 will be levied.

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