Ever found yourself saying “That’s so smart!” when you discover how cleverly plants adapt in order to survive?

Afraid of the extreme cold, a scorching fire, the unbearable heat, or a hungry and thirsty predator? Fear not as you follow us into the Cooled Conservatories to discover how some very unique plants have special features to help them adapt and grow in the conditions they are found in.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the different factors that may affect the growth of a plant
  • Discover how plants are able to adapt to their conditions for survival
  • Appreciate the need to help in environmental conservation

Suitable for:  Lower Primary – Primary 1, 2 and 3

Duration:  2.5 hours

Venue(s): Flower Dome and Cloud Forest (indoor)

Programme Fee:  $250* per group (includes an Activity Booklet for each student)

Group size:  25** (maximum)

*excludes admission to the Conservatories

**if the group size falls below 25 pax, the full programme charge of $250 will be levied

 Things to bring for programme:

A wooden clothes peg for the craft activity.

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