Build the Best Model of Future Singapore Contest Results

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We are pleased to announce the winners of our Build the Best Model of Future Singapore Contest. We’ve received an overwhelming number of entries and the judges definitely have a hard time deciding on the winners.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this contest and once again, congratulations to the following winners.

Winner from each category will win a LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Core Set worth $668 each

Winner from Primary Category: Yuri Dela Serna


The Future of SG: an eco-friendly nation with advanced technology in all areas of life. Solar panel energy storage units lowering electricity cost. Super-fast wifi and advanced cloud technology. HDBs with eco-gardens & smart environment sensors. Driverless cars, and of course, cool jet packs for fast travel. Advanced medical & DNA research labs helping us have healthier lives. Human Assistive Robots helping in almost anything, even pizza delivery! Also, Singapore’s very own advanced MagLev train! The future looks great!

Winner from Secondary Category, Asri bin Rosli from Springfield Secondary

Green Car: As Singapore transforms into a City in a Garden, I envisage a modern Green Car that comes with environmentally-friendly features such as solar panel and energy efficient wheels. Best of all, Green Car runs on clean and green fuel, and produces non-toxic, green exhaust. Our future generation of Singaporeans shall travel and indulge in our City Garden in the Green Car!!


Winner from Tertiary Category: Tham Kai-An from Temasek Polytechnic


The Solar-powered Cool SG. A literally cool Singapore made possible by harnessing enough solar power and photosynthesis. This is a spinning solar disc with solar cells built around it to store the solar energy. Hopefully, the reduced need for fossil fuels will also reduce global warming.

10 Consolation Prize Winners who will each win $110 worth of Innovation Lab by LEGO Education Vouchers


Future Singapore, renewable and reusable energy. We will generate renewable energy from the solar panels and harness energy from lightning. These will power the lights, and reusable energy from the lights will in turn power the cable cars. We will have fun and exciting equipment for exercises. These equipment will also generate renewable energy.

By Lai Qi Heng from Frontier Primary School


In the future, there will be environment friendly electric cars and solar panels on the bridges. I will grow vegetables in the rooftop gardens and glass houses. Just like my primary school, I can do bouldering for exercise.

By Lai Qi Xuan from Frontier Primary


Singapore’s future continuity of the ‘clean and green’ campaign. The 180-degree swivel-able turret gun is commandeered by an ns woman – woman can serve ns too! Gender equality plays a big role in the fair and equal society of singapore100. Environmentally friendly propulsion system, with advanced hydrogen fuel cell technology to conserve our environment. This is my dream for future Singapore’s military defense. What’s yours? :)

By Andrew Yap from Raffles Institution


Standing up proud, soaring up high: My Singapore

By Tan Shi Jia Chanel, Singapore Polytechnic


A greener sg. Ultra-light weight windmill power by weak winds in sg, solar panels powered by sg all year round sun shine. A future SG that last.

By Jacob Jayden Ho from Singapore Polytechnic


On the roof of every HDB building there’s a garden. The purpose is to make our HDB flats greener and environmentally friendly. There’s also an elevated tower for viewing scenery and relaxation in the vicinity of all HDB flats. There’s a solar powered charging station with shelter on every elevated tower. neighbours can interact there with each other to enhance social relations while there electronic devices are charging.

By Deon Wei Jun from School of Science and Technology


The future “was” – vision of Singapore’s future. In the future, Singapore would have public transports like these that can travel through water, air, as well as sea. Complete with solar panels for earth-friendly source of energy and ramps for the disabled, the future was would definitely bring Singapore to a better tomorrow!

By Karen Prasetio from Cedar Girls’ Secondary


Garden city runs on green (solar) energy with advanced technologies

By RuoEn (4 CARE) from Red Swastika School


Staying together will make a difference for our nation’s bright future.

By PriyalChordiya from Seng Kang Primary