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All students and teachers will receive a set of “Building My SG” building bricks to commemorate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee.

SINGAPORE: Students and teachers in the Republic will each be given a special, 244-piece set of “Building My SG” Lego bricks to commemorate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee.

The bricks can be used in class to construct three iconic Singapore Landmarks – Cavenagh Bridge, Changi Airport and Gardens by the Bay – each representing a distinctive aspect of Singapore.

The Education Ministry says with creative play, it is hoped that the bricks will open meaningful opportunities for students to learn about these landmarks and their significance of what they represent in the history and progress of Singapore.

Education Minister HengSweeKeat visited West Spring Primary School to see how lessons were being conducted with the Lego bricks on Wednesday (May 13). He advised students to keep and treasure their set, “because it will be something very special that they can look back (on) when they grow older”. “In fact, it is unique in the world as it is a special Singapore edition,” he said.


As a lead up to National Day, students will also use the set to collaborate and design the Singapore of their future together in the classroom.

AniqRifqy, a Primary 2 student of West Spring, has plenty of ideas already. “Sometimes I would like to build my own creations, and that is to build something that Singapore does not have – like a flying car. I just hope that they will have such things in real life.”

“Students can, through hands-on creative activity, better understand Singapore’s history and heritage,” said MrHeng. “They can also come together to imagine and build a better Singapore. Getting our students to do this is a very appropriate metaphor for how we want our children to come together to construct Singapore piece by piece, brick by brick, to build a better future for themselves.”

He added: “The students use their own imagination to think about the sort of ‘playgrounds’ that they like to build, what might interest other students, and then come together to build and in that process they learn about very important skills of exercising their imagination, they learn how to be tenacious in what they do because you have to put them together patiently, you learn to work with other people and all these are very important 21st century skills.

“So the set serves very important educational value and serves as a very important metaphor of how students can create a future together.”

West Spring Primary teacher Maria Zahid, agreed on the benefits of using the Lego bricks in learning. “Children learn very well through play and when they are building it, they take ownership that these items are theirs and also because it is so tactile, it will help the child envision better when we talk about it in a subject.”

Those in primary schools, secondary schools, special education schools, Junior Colleges, ITE and Polytechnics will receive their sets progressively by National Day. Primary-level home-schoolers and full time Madrasah students will also be entitled to the SG50 gift.

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