Our Singapore Story
Package 4 and 5

Our youngsters are the writers of the next chapter of the Singapore Story. At the heart of the Singapore Story is our belief in Singapore. To have the confidence to aim high, to dream, and to build on what we have, to make Singapore better than any other country to live in and to be an exceptional society, we must be prepared to construct our own individual and collective Singapore stories. Package 4 enables students to engage in jointly constructing and sharing their own Singapore stories about their lived lives and experiences in Singapore. Package 5 extends the experience of story telling and encourages students to envisage the next chapter in the Singapore narrative.


Package 4

Stories of Singapore

5 Classes

– 20 x StoryStarter Sets
(Story Visualizer Sold Separately)

Package 5

Modern Legends of Singapore

5 Classes

– 20 x StoryStarter Sets (StoryVisualizer Sold Separately)
– 5 x Rory Story Cubes Originals
– 5 X Rory Story Cubes Actions
– 5 x Rory Story Cubes Voyages

  • Connect

    How can we make Singapore an outstanding place to live, work and play? What are the areas/themes/issues to focus on?

  • Construct

    What are possible solutions to the issues/problems/themes we have identified?

  • Contemplate

    How viable are these solutions? Are there alternative pathways? What are the pros and cons of each?

  • Continue

    What do we believe is the best way forward? What are factors that we need to look out for?