Our Special Red Dot
Package 3

How can Singapore continue to be our cherished home where we grow our roots, build emotional bonds and form new fond memories? How can we make Singapore a special red dot for all Singaporeans? Our Singaporean identity is strengthening, but keeping Singapore special is an on-going journey that all Singaporeans must take together. Package 3 is designed to engage the students in exploring, jointly constructing and sharing issues and themes related to our national identity as it is constructed and shaped through events, relationships and change.

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Package 3

Nation-Building Package

5 Classes

– 10 x Community Starter Set
– 6 x Large LEGO Building Plates (4 Plates in each set)
– 2 x Small Building Plates (22 plates in each set)

  • Connect

    What is our identity as a nation? How is it defined? How is it continually being redefined?

  • Construct

    What are possible representations of our national identity?

  • Contemplate

    Is our understanding of our national identity shared by others? What are points of agreement and difference?

  • Continue

    How can we continue to negotiate our identity? What factors must we be mindful of?